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At Noah's Ark children’s day nursery we ensure that each child receives all the love and encouragement that they need. Based in Great Barr, Birmingham our children’s day nursery and day care facilities include individual rooms which are secure, large, bright and airy. We have relaxed environments with great emphasis being placed upon learning through fun.

new1 Noah’s Ark  day care nursery strives to be one of the finest nurseries in Birmingham. There are a wide range of stimulating and exciting toys and equipment provided for the children to build up their skills, be it learning to walk, extending their vocabulary or building their confidence to play with other children. Toys and activities are constantly updated to ensure that all development skills are encouraged.

While at the Noah’s Ark day nursery children are encouraged to recognise shapes and colours, to learn songs and rhymes, to enjoy books and stories and to develop their drawing and painting skills.

Activities are planned and evaluated on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting the needs of the children.  At our day nursery emphasis is placed not only on having fun but also in providing the individual attention each child needs.

Sleep routines are an important part of a child's development. On enrolment staff discuss with parents any routines already in place and come to an agreement how they should be continued. Areas are allocated for sleep with sleep mats, allowing staff to monitor the children whilst they sleep. A daily diary is completed for all parents; this details the sleep patterns and toileting process dependent on the age of the child, meals eaten and the activities each child has taken part in.
Monthly assessments are also completed; these being a full record of each child's development within the areas of physical, language, emotional and social development.

The results of these assessments ensure that the nursery staff plan activities to further develop each child's individual skills. A development folder is produced with a range of the children's work.

All children are served the nursery menu; freshly prepared on site by our own cook/housekeeper. Individual dietary needs are catered for; children are also encouraged to feed themselves with age appropriate cutlery. Staff are on hand to help where necessary.

At our day nursery in Great Barr, Birmingham,  parents evenings are arranged twice a year. This gives parents the opportunity to discuss their child's development in detail.
Being able to provide the love and encouragement that each child needs gives every parent the total confidence they need in a day care nursery. All senior staff are qualified and highly experienced in childcare.

Toddlers can often have the same needs as babies; we at Noah's Ark day nursery recognise that children need encouragement to walk and talk and to use stimulating play and musical activities to develop co-ordination.

We have a dance lady visiting us weekly and the children really look forward to her visit.

Go swimming on Wednesdays
Food technology on Thursdays
Noah's Ark lending library on Fridays

As with all other age groups within the nursery, staff also give special encouragement to those children with individual challenges.
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